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Graphene manufacturers


Graphene is manufactured and sold by only a handful of companies worldwide. We provide a list of companies that make graphene on our website for informational purposes, and for free. We are not affiliated with any of these companies. If you are a representative and would like your company to be listed on our website for free, or you see some incorrect information on this page, you may send us an e-mail at contact *AT*

List of graphene manufacturers

  • Graphenea

    Graphenea is an R&D company as well as a manufacturing company specializing in graphene. They are a privately held business founded in 2010. Based in Spain, their areas of focus are graphene oxide and CVD graphene films. According to their website, Graphenea has connections with companies such as Canon, Nokia, Philips, Nissan, MIT and Harvard universities. It is possible to order individual samples as well as larger quantities of graphene and graphene derivates and precursors through their website.

  • Graphene Square

    Graphene square is a graphene R&D company and manufacturer. They were founded as a university-industry link in cooperation with Graphene Research Lab of Seoul National University. They seem to be privately held according to their website. Graphene Square bases their products on the CVD growth method. They offer CVD grown graphene on foil or wafers, PET, glass or SiO2. They also offer CVD equipment such as reactive ion-etchers, thermal evaporators, and thermal CVD systems. Graphene oxide is also available in a solution (compatible with DVD/Lightscribe technology which won the Nobel prize). As of 10. May, 2013. the price for 100ml of graphene oxide solution is 126$.

  • 2-DTech

    2D-Tech is a company owned by The University of Manchester, the cradle of modern graphene research. Their mission is to supply graphene and other two-dimensional materials in research quality. They also offer consultancy and services aimed at testing samples, such as Raman spectroscopy, AFM and SEM microscopy and other measurement services. Their website states that they are interested in industrial collaboration as well. The offered range of products includes CVD graphene on various substrates, graphene platelets, graphene oxide, as well as prototyping graphene-based devices.

  • Durham Graphene Science

    Durham Graphene Science is a company tightly connected to The Durham University. Their area of focus is R&D as well as production of graphene and derivates. They offer graphene powder using a bottom-up process which claims to avoid the use of graphene oxide and claim higher purity. Their website states that they will be able to produce larger quantites of graphene powder using this process during 2013. This product is also available in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions/dispersions.

  • CVD Materials Corporation

    CVD Materials Corporation is a subsidiary of CVD Equipment Corporation. They focus on assisting in the commercialization of nanomaterials, and their transformation from Nano to Macro formats. CVD Materials offer three levels of service:

    1. Manufacturing of 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D nanomaterials
    2. Trasitioning from nanomaterials to macromaterials - sheets, threads, electrodes, filter media, catalysts and more.
    3. Supporting Nano-enabled product development
    Among other materials and services, they offer CVD Graphene both in monolayer form and in multilayer form.

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